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Rock Star Remote Workers

“Stars don’t shine because they want to be seen. They shine because they are stars.”

~Alexander Den Heijer

I have been working remotely for the past 7 years for 2 different companies. There have been many challenges and continue to be on a daily basis. I’m so thankful I now have a resource to turn to for advice & support! Rockstar Remote Workers is invaluable to those of us in the “remote world”. I can’t wait to share the upcoming books & resources with my colleagues.


Carrie Meng

Owner, Triumph Endurance Events

I just hired my first remote worker.  Rock Star Remote Workers has been an invaluable resource for the unique issues regarding off-site employees.  As more employees have the opportunity to work at alternative sites, I suspect many managers will seek similar guidance.   Heather provides up-to-date clear information which has been enormously helpful.  I strongly recommend that all managers and employees utilize this service.   
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Dr. Amy Coopersmith

Owner, Amethyst Wellness

Heather is a powerhouse of information about working remotely. After having worked with her, it’s easy to see that she and her company have achieved great success using the principles she outlines in her writing. Not only does she give timely tips on staying motivated and organized while working online, but also how to effectively manage a remote project efficiently. Rock Star Remote Workers is committed to embracing the current shift toward remote employment, and creating a widespread community of creative professionals.


Adele Martin

Director, English Solutions International

As an owner of a successful advertising agency for 20 years, my workforce is primarily made up of remote graphic designers and copywriters. Heather’s insight into how to deal with my “Rock Star Remote Workers” has been instrumental in learning how to promote a positive and fiscally smart work environment.


Kim Fitzgerald

Graphic Designer

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