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It is time for you to stand out in your remote office. Out of sight does not need to mean that you are out of mind. In this book we help you create the habits needed to showcase your talent while also taking care of yourself. Whether you are working for yourself or someone else, this practical guide will help you craft the right schedule and set the boundaries needed to shine from afar.
Coming Spring 2018
Robert Frost talked about the road less traveled in his famous poem The Road Not Taken, and in this book we help you find the path that you are destined to trod. by charting your own course, you will be able to choose the work and life options that make you the happiest and most productive. We provide the questions, you provide the answers. Together, your course will become clear.
Coming Winter 2018
High performing teams do not work from 9-5, and they certainly don’t all live in the same city. Managing a remote or hybrid team is challenging, but when done correctly it can create a seismic shift in your company’s productivity and profits. In this book we teach you how to focus on the people behind the computer screens to create a unified culture and a shared sense of mission.

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